Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie 

Enjoy the Discovery of Aussie Gold Hunting.

Guided Day Tours 40km out from Kalgoorlie.
Tuition & Training for 1st time prospectors.

Experienced in the operation of a wide variety 

of detectors and GPS units.
Exclusive use of Private gold leases.
Morning, Afternoon Tea & Lunch provided.

Transport Available.

$160 per person per day. (if you have your own equipment or are hiring equipment (Finders Keepers)

GPX Series Detectors
$260 for 1 person + 1 detector hire per day.
$320 for 2 persons + 1 detector hire per day.

GPZ 7000 Detector
$300 for 1 person + 1 detector hire per day.
$360 for 2 persons + 1 detector hire per day.
(All detector hire from Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie includes the day hire of a UHF radio and a GPS unit)
Due to a limited number of detectors available Bookings are essential.

Group and Family rates are available

Metallic free footwear.
Slip Slop Slap, Long pants, Fly net, drink bottle.

Please note: While every effort will be made to put you on gold bearing ground, There is no guarantee that gold will be found.  Gold is where it is and you must detect over it in order to find it.

​​Tag Along Day Tours, Terms & Conditions.


We will be detecting on PRIVATE leases, clients must leave the private lease area at the end of the tour. We have permission to detect on these areas only within our daily timeframe.

If you intend on staying in WA to do more detecting, please do your research, and make sure that the areas you wish to detect are legally available to you. In Western Australia everyone detecting must have a Western Australian Miners Right. These are available online, from the Department of Mines and Petroleum. ( or go to the Kalgoorlie office on Broadwood Rd. (Cost $25)


Please ensure for your own peace of mind that your vehicle is in good roadworthy condition before the trip. Carry any spares that you may need, check with a mechanic. You should have a quality jack, spare keys, and a comprehensive tool kit. At the start of the tour ensure you have plenty of fuel as we travel out from Kalgoorlie to different areas. Make sure you have a first aid kit.

Tag alongs must supply your own water for your Vehicle needs.

Everyone must have a handheld UHF radio, as well as a GPS unit. These can also be hired for a fee, please let us know in advance.  (Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie include the hire of  1 GPS unit & 1 UHF radio per detector hired.)

Sturdy closed toe footwear without metal (no steel caps) is essential, and long pants are a must.

When dressing for the tour, make sure you ware adequate and appropriate clothing, mornings can be quite cold with the temperature rising into the 30 plus degrees in the afternoon. Most days are warm and sunny with a breeze but it can also rain so have wet weather gear available. Make sure you also have a hat that you can fit a pair of headphones over (if not using a speaker), and a fly net to keep the flies off your face.


We will meet in front of Finders Keepers no later than 0730hrs. We will leave in convoy at 0745hrs. Our detecting day begins onsite at 0830hrs. (Before detecting there will be a 15 min safety/orientation talk)  Our detecting day will end at 1600hrs as to arrive back at Kalgoorlie in daylight. Detecting outside of these hours is not possible due to health and safety requirements, and our duty of care.

All clients must stop for morning and afternoon tea and come back to where the vehicles are, this need only to be a short break, and is primarily for safety reasons. The same applies to lunch time so all tour members are accounted for.

We encourage our clients to drink lots of water and follow sun smart principles, to ensure that they don’t suffer from dehydration or heatstroke.


To ensure that you have a great time, and a trouble free one, it is important that you do your homework before you leave home. Make sure your vehicle and detecting equipment (if you have your own) are in good shape for the tour. Remember if you are not sure about any requirements, please ask us. We want your trip to be fun and memorable.


 General Information and Travel Conditions

Please read the following thoroughly. It is important to understand all conditions and regulations. This will ensure you are well prepared, and equipped, to make you trip a successful one.

Medical: We take a comprehensive first aid kit. It is important you are in good health, and if you take any medication that you have enough to cover the duration of the tour. Your tetanus injection should be current. If you have any doubts, you should see you doctor to discuss them. We also recommend that you pack paracetamol, lip balm, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Travel Conditions

The operator reserves the right to alter itineraries (e.g. timetables, dates, destinations, roads and tracks) without notice, due to weather, road closures or conditions, or any reasons we consider necessary at the time. Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie staff shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, delay, or irregularity that may cause a person, property or vehicle damage caused by whom ever, or howsoever, arising during tour under its management, sponsorship, procurements or otherwise.

No Refunds will be considered on or after the day of the tour; if a member wishes to leave the tour for any reason, he/she must incur the full cost. Due to the nature of prospecting tours, we cannot guarantee exact arrival or departure times, or be held responsible for failure to make connecting services etc…

In the event of bad and unsuitable weather before the commencement of the tour, the tour will be rescheduled for the next available day in the calendar.

A florescent vest will be supplied for the day and must be worn at all times during the tour. No Alcohol is permitted at any time during the tour.

You MUST fill in any & all holes you dig. And there is to be NO holes dug on any tracks or roads.

For safety reasons it is FORBIDDIN for any person to go within a 20 meter radius of any mine shafts or open pits. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the tour, with No Refunds.

Even though we will make every effort to put you on gold bearing ground, there is no guarantee that gold will be found, it is where it is and you need to walk/detect over it.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions above



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(Miners Right No#)________________________ (Date)_____________________________________


*This Form must be filled out, signed and returned before the commencement of the tour.